"I am considering outsourcing my payroll and HR department..."

About Nationwide PEO

What is PEO?


A Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, manages certain human resources functions which detract from the core business of our clients and thereby proves to be very cost effective. Nationwide PEO can establish a contractual relationship with a business owner who is considering benefits outsourcing, recruitment outsourcing, outsourced payroll, or HR outsourcing. This relationship would allow the client to transfer the burden and eliminate the cost of non-productive, but essential services.

The PEO services industry developped as a response to the human resources challenges which arised due to the changes in the work place setting. At first, PEO arrangments were known as Employee Leasing. Under these arrangements, clients transfer their payroll, benefits, Worker’s Comp and Human Resources responsibilities to the PEO in order to increase their own company's efficiency and benefit both organizations.