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Employee Handbooks


Client Toolkit

To make everything run smoothly, we’ve put together a toolkit with all the basic items you will need as we work together. From insurance enrollment forms to employee change forms, the toolkit has everything. To order, just click here to request a free, no obligation quote.

Basic Employee Handbook

An employee handbook which clearly communicates policies and guidelines is beneficial to every company. Nationwide PEO has standard handbooks which explain the basic policies every company should have and the compliance notices that they MUST have. To get started with your basic handbook, click here.

Custom Employee Handbooks

Do you need something a little more specific than a general handbook? Perhaps you have many departments with differing policies and guidelines or very specific policy requirements to comply with particular industry standards. We can write a custom hand book specifically for your business and compliance regulations. Our design department can even assist you with custom graphics, logos and media to addmore personality to you one-of-a-kind Custom Handbook. Simply click here and our team will begin working with you right away.

Job Description

Do your employees know precisely what you expect of them? Does each position have clear requirements? If so, are they compliant with federal regulations? Our HR team can assist you with putting together clear and compliant job descriptions and help you to write each position's job description so that your employees know exactly what’s important for them to focus on. We have a large bank of template job descriptions as well as many job descriptions that we write from scratch. Yes, even those unique positions you thought no Job Description existed for. Contact your HR representative at Nationwide PEO by clicking here.

Employee Action Forms

Need a quick form for a Job Offer, Pay Change, Disciplinary Write Up, Termination? Look no further. We've got what you need. If it’s not on our list, we’ll custom write one for you! Click here and our team will get it done in no time.