About Nationwide PEO

Safety Compliance & Audits


Our clients’ and their employees' safety is our first priority. Our safety department can provide the necessary posters required under both federal and state statutes for your workplace. We offer safety training for management and line personnel to ensure safe and healthy habits are observed to minimize the possibility of injury or illness. We also offer safety inspections and audits to check your level of compliance with OSHA standards. In this way areas for improvement are identified and the possibility of costly citations and fines is reduced. Under the OSHA Act of 1970 “the employer shall provide a safe and healthful place of employment for employees free of known hazards which are known to or may cause injury, illness or death.” The safety of your employees is not only required by law, but is also imperative to the health and success of your business. Nationwide PEO is ready to provide you with the tools and expertise to reach both goals.

Please contact our Safety Department for additional information.